The Solution

Research has been done which indicates that a pregnant woman’s choice – carrying the baby or having an abortion – may depend on where she turns first. If she stops at a pregnancy center and ends up having an ultrasound, most often she will choose life. In fact, 80% of the time this will be her choice. Sadly enough, if she chooses to go to an abortion clinic first, she will choose abortion 80% of the time. We do our best at our center to keep active with marketing that will ensure that these women have heard of our center and prayerfully turn to us instead of an abortion clinic.


Abortion often affects so many people, not just those involved in the actual pregnancy. We are here to offer help and counsel for those who have dealt with abortion decisions in the past and those who may be dealing with them in the present and the future. Whether it is the actual mother or father of the child, a family member who has a pregnant daughter, or a friend of the pregnant woman who may have heard of our services, we are hopeful they will turn to us.

Our center also offers post-abortion healing and support. We understand that a past abortion affects a woman’s life forever. She often finds herself dealing with feelings of guilt, grief, and emotional pain on a daily basis. We want to offer our client’s a chance to share their feelings and we share with them that there is no pain that God can’t heal. We even have women serving at the center who have experienced abortions in their past and they are now working to counsel those who find themselves in similar circumstances.


Time is so crucial in situations of “unplanned” or even “unwanted” pregnancies. We love to be able to provide our clients with information and counsel that is truthful and helpful. It is our goal that every client would be able to make an educated choice about her pregnancy. Because we are able to offer limited ultrasound services, our clients are able to see their babies and begin bonding with them right away. Once a client sees the heartbeat, it is most often harder for them to believe that abortion is a viable option. At this point, we are able to provide continuing support for our clients during their pregnancy and after. We offer classes for the mother (and father) in healthy pregnancy and parenting. It is a blessing for us to hold these bundles of joy and realize that we may have played a part in bringing them into this world. Watching the way that God uses this center is truly a wonder. If a client still goes ahead and chooses abortion, we have our Abortion Recovery ministry to offer help and healing.


Woman who choose to carry and parent their children may encounter difficulties after making the decision. The addition of new life is a joyful time but without the proper support system, it can also become a time of uncertainty. Many clients do not have both the physical and emotional support to help throughout their journey into parenthood. The Earn While You Learn® program offers information and support to help expecting parents. The program offers a 6-week educational class that covers a variety of topics relevant to expecting parents. Material resources are also supplied to the clients via the Baby Boutique. In addition to all of these resources, the advocates work hard to build relationships with the clients to help promote a safe and loving environment for both the baby and parents. Please help us to continue to provide this life changing support to our clients!