The Problem

In Bowling Green, babies are being lost to abortion before they experience their first breath of life. This is a tragedy and heartbreaking to God. Our culture has pervaded our society with the misinformation that having an abortion is simply removing tissue. The BGPC is in the business of giving these often frightened young people the right information about their pregnancies, and solutions to the problems they may have associated with an unexpected pregnancy. God is offering hope through the BGPC.


1.2 million abortions occur in our country in every year. That is 1 abortion every 20 seconds. In Ohio, more than 23,000 abortions occur each year. About 1,200 occur in Northwest Ohio. The Bowling Green Pregnancy Center was founded in 1985 to offer help and hope to women considering abortion. The Center is a place of information and truth. Women find hope, support and most of all, the love of Christ.

Reach Them

There are hundreds of women in this area searching the internet for a place to have an abortion. They are frightened and often alone. They are determined to get rid of their “problem” as fast as possible. When they call our center and we answer the phone with a cheerful voice and love in our hearts, God can reach out to them through us. Our client advocates show no judgement; only love and concern. In this way, we can let a young woman know that we are going to help her and her baby in any way we can. We show our client that her situation may be difficult but we can empower her to make the right decisions for herself and her baby’s health, physically and emotionally.

Show Them

When a woman comes into the Bowling Green Pregnancy Center we perform a pregnancy test. If it turns out positive, we give her factual information about the baby she’s carrying, and also about abortion. We try and assess her personal situation as much as we can, and ask if we can pray for her. We schedule a free ultrasound with our medical team allowing her to see her unborn baby. This very often results in a decision to carry her baby.

Help Them

These women who come to us for help need more than just a one-time stop at the center for help. They often need information for financial needs and medical needs. The BGPC provides information on many resources available to them in our area. We offer classes on parenting, which results in better parents and also “money” for our baby boutique. Our Baby Boutique is stocked full of quality baby clothing and other items that have been donated. We also offer post-abortive healing classes for those who have been harmed emotionally from a past abortion.

You Make a Difference

You can also make a difference in ending abortion in the Bowling Green area! Financial gifts are very important in providing services to these women at a vulnerable time in their lives. Also, just as important is volunteering! There are many ways volunteers can serve with their time and talents in helping to keep abortion at bay in our area.