Options Counseling

Bringing Life, One Step at a Time

We work hard to create a safe and comfortable environment to help better serve those who come to the center. Clients walk into a comfortably furnished waiting room in a professional building, with refreshments offered, and a smile greeting them at the front desk. We do all we can to bring comfort and hope to our clients.


Pregnancy Tests

Hospital grade pregnancy tests.


Limited Ultrasounds that confirm pregnancy viability and give women a first look at their pre-born child.


  • Carry and parent.
    It is such a great joy when a woman chooses to continue her pregnancy and parent her child. She feels capable and empowered in her choice.
  • Carry and make an adoption plan.
    When our clients make the decision to make an adoption plan, it is encouraging knowing that this choice benefits the mother, the baby, and the adoptive parents.
  • Abortion
    We do not provide or refer for abortion, but we do counsel abortion-minded girls on the types of abortion procedures and the potential consequences. We want these women to be armed with the truth. We work hard to shower love on our clients no matter what path they choose.


From housing to physicians, and spiritual to educational programs, the Bowling Green Pregnancy has many community referrals to help our clients.