Life Changes Everything Walk




BGPC 2014 Walk

The Life Changes Everything Walk, formerly known as the Walk for Life is held to help raise money for the BGPC.

This Walk helps to provide our clients with the truth. The truth may include: abortion resources, parenting classes, ultrasound pictures, abortion recovery counseling, a Bible, maternity clothes, a meal. Whatever truth we share, we are sure it is rooted in the Gospel. Thanks to the sponsorship raised from this Walk, we can continue to love, serve, and equip our clients.

Will you also please share the story of “Grandma Nancy” who was our top sponsor-getter? This is the story:

Upon looking at the specific sponsors we had supporting our “Life Changes Everything” Walk, one name stood out. Her name is Nancy, but she goes by “Grandma Nancy” and wants you to call her that, too.Grandma Nancy

Bowling Green resident Nancy Peters has been involved with the Pregnancy Center for about 15 years. Initially, her reason for becoming involved was as simple as it gets: a friend asked. Then, through a significant amount of prayer, Nancy asked the Lord to give her a sign so she would know whether she should take on the added responsibility. Shortly after that prayer, she realized whenever she saw the word pregnancy she also saw her own name in the word pregnancy. It was then that she knew the Lord was clearly telling her to get involved.

Grandma Nancy has served on the Pregnancy Center Board in previous years and has always been involved with the annual walk. She isn’t one to sit still and watch as others do the work either. She raised more than $4,000 this year through individual sponsorship’s. How you may ask? Well, she opens up her conversations with, “I’m 78 and still walking…” She also emails nearly everyone in her church before taking to the phone. Nancy believes that through her participation in collecting sponsorship every year “she is an advocate for the unborn that can’t speak for themselves.” With Grandma Nancy’s drive to support women and protect the unborn, it is hard to tell how many women have received love, been given truth, and been equipped to be the women and mothers God has called them to be. Thank you Grandma Nancy for respecting and taking such value in life!


“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10